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These are the first icons that I have ever made. :D It may not be pretty but I hope to improve after a while! 

Detective Conan: 7

Note: And please     1) Don't hotlink
                                 2) Credit if using :D 


Icon bases by ravenfeathers

1.     2.    3.    
4.     5.     6.   
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I might take 2, 3, and 7 but since my userpics are full I can't upload them now. I'll credit if I use them. Great icons. ^.^

BTW, is that... Shinichi (number 5 pic)? If it is him, what episode is that? ^.^
Thank you!!! :P

:D Haha, That's actually Kaito. They look alike don't they? Well, um. I'm not so sure...I think it is a OVA one.
These were from my bases, so I can answer that. ;) That particular one *is* Kaito, as noted, from the 4th OVA: Conan, Kid, and the Crystal Mother.
Oh, I see. Thanks to you both. ^.^ Kaito's cute.
Aww, cuuuute. This is seriously your first time? Great job! I was expecting a jpeg mess, but instead I'm impressed! I definitely think that if you keep working at it, you'll definitely be very good. ^_^ What program are you using? Just MS Paint, or something more elaborate like Adobe?

My favorite's number 4. Kaitou's just so adorable dressed up like that. He's such a dork. ♥
:D Thank you so much! Haha, yea. My friend was like "Omg, icons are sooo cool! They are seriously addictive once you start making them," so I decided to try :) But of course I had to look at some tutorials first. I got this thing called Adobe Photoshop CS2.

Haha. I know! When I watched that when I was squealing over his cuteness.
Eee, wai! I like what you did with them -- particularly number 5. ^^
Haha, thank you! That icon base is really, really cute. :D You're so good at it!

Do you have all the Detective Conan episodes? I always wanted a whole set but I could never find where to buy them.
Uwah. *pinks* Thanks, I try. I'm glad you like them!

I wish I did . . . but unfortunately I don't. To my knowledge, a complete set of episodes -- at least English-subbed -- isn't available. I believe the official Japanese DVDs are for sale on, but then of course one has to have the proper region coding for them on a DVD player. ^^; Americans need to get moving, I guess. ;)