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:D YAY! Finals finally over. Hehe. Well, I'm still a bit stressed out from all the stuff I had to force into my mind :P 

Anyways, back to the point of this entry! I made few icons before the finals that I didn't have time to post. [And Whoa. The rain is creeping me out. And the lightning too... *shudder* Haha, okay. I'm really good at getting off topic. ] And Umm. There are x9 Detective Conan Icons. :D


1.    2.     3.     
4.    5.      6. 
7.     8.     9.  

#1, 3, 8 are icon bases by the wonderful, fantastic..[and the list goes on and on] ravenfeathersThe rest of the resource post is in a seperate post in my lj. :D 

Anyways, I hope you like them! Hehe. And 1) No hotlinking 2) Please credit   Thank you!!!

Oh, and btw I love comments <3 It's not required or anything but :P Haha.
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